The Benefits of Having Smoothies for Breakfast

The Benefits of Having Smoothies for Breakfast

When you are looking to make healthy eating a priority, it can be difficult to get the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet.

We think having a delicious, yet healthy smoothie is a fab way to increase the amount of fruit and veg you take in each day, with minimal hassle and fuss.  When building a great smoothie, it is important to include the right proportions of things for best health.

  1. vegetables: start with a handful of leafy green veg like spinach or kale
  2. fruit: add a handful of fruit, berries work well
  3. protein: use a small portion of nuts or seeds to boost protein levels
  4. fats: avocado or linseed are a great way to include satiating fats
  5. liquid: either water, coconut water or dairy free milk are good liquid bases

By mix and matching the ingredients you use, you can target a whole range of nutrients in one hit!  Make sure you include one from each item on the above list for optimal health, and to make your smoothie more satisfying.  If you have specific health concerns, try adding ingredients known to help; mint is great for digestion, as is root ginger.  To boost metabolism, why not try a hint of chilli pepper for a kick!

If you are trying to lose weight, bear in mind that smoothies with a high proportion of fruit can in fact add a lot of calories – it is better to increase the vegetable quantity for weight loss and reduce down any nuts, seeds and fruit.